Camp Hope


Over the last eight years, we have been able to keep our annual power bill at the camp pretty much static. This bill is typically right in the $100,000 to $110,000 range. We have managed this even though our rates continue to climb, power usage has increased with more rental groups, we have had some cooler winters, and hosted some pretty full camp meetings.

Conservation has definitely been the biggest factor, and switching to LED lighting would probably be the second factor. Most of the LED changeover happened several years ago, when the BC Hydro incentives were the greatest. We were able to capitalize on some real significant incentives, changing probably 1400-1500 bulbs from incandescent, fluorescent, and compact fluorescent (CFLs) to LED.

The lights in the big auditorium were changed from Metal Halide to LED. All the bulbs in the guest rooms in the lodge, in the pastor’s cabins, most on the Youth Hill were changed too. Most of the Maintenance shop 8′ tube fluorescents were changed as well. Some of the big yard lights on the poles have been changed to LED too. There are still more of the bigger outdoor lights to be upgraded, but more finances are needed. Good News! We have been changing again!

These last few days, David Struthers and his Buy The Right Light Company have been helping us save more hydro expense with some more LED light upgrades. The details might bore some, but suffice it to say we are pleased with the BC Hydro incentives they have helped us to tackle this upgrade project.

So we are very happy about this. We are very careful with the budget dollars that we are entrusted with. Purchasing carefully and wisely, finding deals, buying quality used items (at times), has allowed us to stretch our dollars much farther and accomplish much more than otherwise possible. We feel we have been blessed many times in this regard. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! The new energy savings and rebate incentives will quickly recoup our capital outlay for these changes in this Let There Be Light project.

Bill Gerber, BC Conference SDA