Our Electrical & Lighting Projects

BEFORE: This churches ceiling was dim and dark with little day light.

AFTER: Now the ceiling is lite up with LED strip lighting!

BEFORE: This old street sign needed an update.

AFTER: This new LED street signage is bright and saves energy!

BEFORE: This room was lite with single track MR16 Halogen lighting.

AFTER: Now it’s bright and lite entirely with LED track lighting.

BEFORE: This basement room was lite with pot lighting only.

AFTER: Now it’s bright and lite with LED strip lighting running along the valance.

BEFORE: This residential shed was dark in the back yard.

After: These LED pot lights brightened up the shed and the yard.

BEFORE: This office space was dark and needed better quality lighting.

AFTER: It is now bright using LED flat panels and ready for the next meeting.